NFT marketplace (cryptocurrency best investment) to be launched by Monetas is intended to ensure that more investors and traders are attracted to the platform to increase its credibility in the global market. Further, with this, the value of the owned NFTs from the gaming solutions will also significantly rise, ensuring a better success opportunity for our global client base.

With the unique NFT marketplace, the global users of Monetas can easily and quickly get access to various NFTs and trade them without any hassles. Apart from this, the users can also use the NFT marketplace solely to create and upload their NFTs for further buying/ selling purposes. This will also extend the possibility of integrating widely popular NFT collections to the games available in our gaming store.

Moreover, as Monetas is a rapidly growing business, the NFT marketplace from Monetas Global is the best to access for ensuring better growth and success in the currency crypto world.

driven Game store

To The Moon, from the game series “The Moon”, will be our first test bed where we will co-relate all the game assets with NFT, and yet make it decentralised in nature. Our aim is to incentivise all the NFT holders and benefit them when other games also use the in-game NFTs. Initially, the Phase 1 of the game will focus on delivering the gameplay mechanics and Phase 2 shall focus on adding NFTs driven gameplay mechanics. For To The Moon, the Phase 2 of the development will initiate with the introduction of NFT World Maps.

As game developers, we are going to introduce a “World Map” which shall be accessed either by achieving a defined number of player experience or score. World Map are nothing but different levels that players will unlock with an incremental number of scores. Phase 1 launches the first map, which is the first level, the users get default access to. Since it is going to be a default map, as game developers, that won’t be converted into an NFT in the first Phase of the game launch.

The world map shall be made up of multiple elements. For example, the second map which shall be launched in the Phase shall be called as Sea Castle Map, which has a sea theme attached to it. Following the main gameplay, the aim of the player shall be to cross the sea to reach the Castle at the end of the map. The map will consist of obstacles such as Sharks, Whales, Winds, etc. Just like in phase 1, the player has to avoid the obstacles to make the highest score possible.

The Map feature that shall be introduced shall be a combination of all the above mentioned theories. This can be explained very well with a use case, the same use case which shall be milestones to develop the Phase 2 of the game app. The user will start the game with the default character and default map. After achieving a certain score limit, the user will enter the level based games. This shall be a trigger point where the player address becomes eligible or it shall be whitelisted with the NFT smart contract. The user becomes eligible to either play the next level or the user can buy the level NFT from the marketplace. For the first time, the game owners will list the map NFT on the marketplace, later any eligible user can buy the Map NFT from the NFT marketplace. This gives the user a premium to own the level NFT and acquire more user experience. The Map NFT shall work in the following way:

  • Every user shall be associated with a wallet address, which shall be used to provide all the Play To Earn rewards within the game.
  • The same wallet address shall be eligible for Game Store NFT marketplace when the user reaches a certain score which shall be defined based on the game mechanics.
  • The wallet address shall be eligible to purchase the Map NFT from the listed item on the marketplace.
  • Owning the Map NFT means that every time someone plays that map on the game, all the total tokens collected as Play to Earn reward, a certain small percentage of the total rewards shall be reflected back to the NFT holder.
  • This will incentivise the NFT holder with additional MNTG tokens.
  • The player gets an option to purchase a MAP without actually playing the map. This means that the NFT holder can complete the entire map and enter the next level.
  • Alternatively, an NFT owner can list the NFT on the marketplace to sell to make additional profit from selling from the assets.

Once, after the deployment of this model, we will focus on providing more NFT elements to the NFT. The whole system shall act as nested NFTs. A collection of NFT shall make a single NFT which shall be directly integrated within the game. This shall be driven by a similar model as UniSwap V3, where every liquidity pool token is considered as NFT rather than an ERC20 token. These NFTs will represent different kinds of skins (physical appearance, clothes, accessories etc.) that they have earned in the games. This is the next evolution of the gaming metaverse.