Years in Games Experience

At MONETAS, we research, envisage, develop, and operate diverse utility solutions for the cryptos world, including numerous games and multiple-chain-based tokens to be used simultaneously across multiple platforms.

We extend to help mankind get an advanced virtual economy, the best crypto tokens powered by blockchain, and our decades of experience across the global industry.

Monetas Global is rebranding to extend its global reach and acquire a global clientele. A contract address change is also done to extend the utility and add more contract methods. Furthermore, we are focusing more on our market penetration and growth with blockchain utility solutions, including the wallet (capable of integration on multiple dapps), a gaming store (with hyper-casual games with the access of NFT generation), and an NFT marketplace (further capable of listing all the in-game generated NFTs).

We will begin with our gaming store, where several NFT based hyper-casual games will be featured. The users of these games will generate NFTs that they can further access on our next project, i.e., the NFT marketplace.

Not just these, but Polygon and ERC-20 networks will also be launched soon by Monetas Global, exclusively for the global clientele. The multi-chain access will then be open on the wallet where the users can buy/ sell/ swap any crypto asset.