Reflection of Ludo:
How does it work?

To make this viable, we are going to build multiple smart contracts which shall work in sync to provide a smooth gameplay experience and also blockchain where it takes care of all the economics which goes along with the one individual game. We are going to extensively use the reflections methods in the smart contract to make the distribution of the amount possible. The gameplay mechanism will work in the following way:

  • A lobby or a room is generated and all the players playing amongst each other join the lobby.

  • The Ludo game is initiated when all the players in the same lobby deposit the same amount of the MNTG tokens through their own wallet addresses.

  • The game will start as soon as the blockchain network confirms on the transfers to be successful.

  • All the users in the lobby will play the game of Ludo until the winner is decided.

  • As soon as the game is finished and the winner(s) are decided, the Ludo dApp will interact with the smart contract for the winning token distribution.

  • The winning token distribution will happen in the following way:

    • All the tokens deposited in the 2nd point will be considered as the total amount on which all the users agreed to wage their gameplay.

    • 80% of the total amount shall be given back to the Winning wallet address.

    • In the traditional version of the Ludo game currently, around 10% to 25% of the total amount is taken by the centralised system as match fees, commission or any other justifiable measure.

    • However, in our system, the 20% of the total amount shall be considered as the distribution amount for the game owners and total MNTG holders.

    • The 20% shall be distributed in the following manner:

      • 50% of the distribution amount shall be transferred to the game owners.

      • 50% of the distribution amount shall be transferred to all eligible MNTG holders.

        • The eligibility of the MNTG holders shall be determined if the wallet address is holding a minimum of 250 MNTG tokens for at least 8 days.

        • The wallet address shall be categorised as an eligible holder if the address is whitelisted with the Ludo dApp.

All the above mentioned points shall be completely driven by the smart contracts. The smart contract shall be specifically written to work directly with the Ludo dApp. To make sure all multiple smart contracts will work in conjunction, whitelisting, approve methods shall be very important. The amount that shall be transferred to the game owners, shall be used to maintain, improve and support the game at all times thus making sure that there is proper technical infrastructure for all the users rather gamers to play the game smoothly. Through this, not only the winner will accumulate more number of MNTG tokens but the all the eligible holders will also benefit from the reflections and distribution mechanism.

The value of the acquired MNTG tokens also rises with their increased usage, thus ensuring growth in the users’ wallet. More value shall be distributed to the holders by introducing reflections in our smart contract, and will distribute the winning amount not only to the winner but also to the higher value MNTG holders. Moreover, every task is carried forward while maintaining the safety precautions and regulations for using payment modes online and using blockchain-based payments. This is an over-the-top board gaming model with enhanced entertainment and fun for global board game lovers. The platform assures highly smoother and secure transactions to fascinate players of all demographics and age groups.