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a Wallet dApp

The wallet has a lot more use cases starting from its usage across Monetas Global's hyper-casual gaming solutions and AR and VR games in its gaming store. The users can do token transfers for several payments using the wallet in the game. You can also use the wallet for your personal needs, including buying/ selling/ swapping/ storing any crypto asset or accessing Dapps.

The Monetas Wallet will support a multichain network and ensure that you can buy/ sell/ swap/ store any crypto asset of any blockchain without any limitations.

The wallet provides the most straightforward yet secure way to connect to decentralized applications. You are always in control when interacting on the new blockchain-based apps with the Monetas wallet.

Key features of the Wallet Dapp:

  • MNTG Payment System

    Initially, the users of our gaming solutions will have to access the created NFTs and other crypto assets in their metamask wallet, and then our own wallet will be integrated too for further assistance. Our wallet will be further provided for integrations with third party APIs to ensure that it can be widely used across multiple platforms for transactions while ensuring that each game’s in-game assets have a further utility in the global web3 ecosystem.

    This will all help ensure that the entire user experience is as seamless and fun as possible, and there is no hurdle that the users have to face regarding accessing the wallet or their in-game assets.

    The MNTG token will be the native currency for the in-game transactions of Monetas’s gaming solutions, ensuring that using the same wallet and token address and while holding the same set of tokens the users can access multiple gaming solutions and dapps from our ecosystem. This will also ensure that using the same wallet the NFT marketplace can also be accessed where the users’ NFTs from the gaming solutions can be traded.

  • Multi-Network Support

    The wallet Dapp extends multi-network support, ensuring that any person can swap/ buy/ sell any token from any blockchain from across the global web3 space. Starting with BEP-20 and ERC-20 protocols to further extend the list and adding many more to the queue, Monetas Global is constantly working on extending the support to multiple currencies from numerous blockchains, including Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and much more.

    This initiative of multi network support is to ensure that the Monetas’s huge clientele never faces any restrictions and hurdles while accessing different crypto currencies over different platforms for multiple purposes, including in-app payments and transactions.

    Not just this, but the multi network support will also help ensure that the wallet can further be connected and integrated with the global dapps from various ecosystems without any restrictions, be it for NFT-related concerns or just primarily to access the services of a third-party Dapp.

Target Audience: The wallet Dapp is mainly built for the integration with multiple gaming solutions, mainly the hypercasual and indie games that we are hoping to bring to our gaming store. Any developer can use our API to integrate the wallet with their gaming solution, ensuring that their in-game assets have an extended utility in the market and the users can utilize them further too.