Whether you’re a new user or an existing user of MONETS (next big cryptocurrency), you will find answers to all of your questions on this page.

MONETAS is a decentralized blockchain and the best investments in cryptocurrency platform, designed and developed for scalability, and fully decentralized games.

MONETAS (cryptocurrency best investment platform) and its MNTG token is deployed on Binance Smart Chain, BEP-20.

Yes, real-time game play is allowed on MONETAS (the best cryptocurrency wallet app).

No. You can use MONETAS (the next big cryptocurrency platform) the way you want.

Monetas (currency crypto token and wallet) works on a unique algorithm and is highly secure. Also, the cryptos wallet can be simultaneously accessed on multiple platforms, and the crypto currency tokens are updated in real-time after every usage.

Indus 91(utility crypto wallet solutions) is highly secure and reliable, and the solution is also server less, ensuring that anyone can access them anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, it offers complete ownership of their assets to the players and allows them to invest in crypto world according to their wishes.

Currently, Monetas (best investments in cryptocurrency platform) holds 40 million MNTG tokens.

MNTG, currency crypto token, will be initially available at 1USD per token. However, in the presale period, you can get a chance to be among the lucky users and get the crypto tokens at a discount price.

With this app, the Indus 91  currency crypto wallet will be integrated for the first time and allow the users to make all the in-app transactions using the same.

Yes, you can use various tokens and coins using the Indus 91  cryptos wallet. Currently, you can get the functionality of sending and receiving the listed currency crypto tokens. However, this list of crypto tokens will rise more in the near future.