New Token Listing

With Indus 91 Wallet(best crypto wallet in India), Monetas Global now makes it easier for anyone and everyone to get their personal and legalized crypto tokens and coins listed with us. Indus 91  Wallet is the best destination to get it done, so that you get a huge and satisfactory client base, trading your token regularly.

Listing any crypto token-1-03

Steps for listing a token on Indus 91 Wallet

Listing any crypto token on Indus 91 Wallet(best crypto wallet in India) is easier and hassle-free. It is just a matter of a few smaller steps, and then you are good to go! Here is the entire process to be followed:

    1. Fill the form mentioned below on this page, regarding all the details of your crypto token. → Click Here
    2. Visit the following GitHub link → Click Here 
    3. Fork the repository.
    4. Clone the forked repository at your end.
    5. Create a new file in the tokens folder with format
    6. Copy the content from
    7. Paste the content in the new file
    8. Edit the file with all the required information about the token.
    9. Save, Commit, Push the file to your forked repository.
    10. Visit the repository GitHub page and create a new pull request to the main repository.
    11. It will automatically check and validate all the details.
    12. An expert from the Monetas Global tech team will soon check and review all the details and validate them.
    13. Wait for the pull request to get accepted.
    14. And voila! You will get your token listed on Indus 91 Wallet!

Note: Filling the form doesn’t necessarily mean that your token will be listed on Indus 91 Wallet. However, in case of any issues or discrepancies, stopping us from listing your token, we will get back to you with the right reason, and how they can be resolved for considering your request again