Roadmap of MONETAS

Integrating MNTG with the Fantasy Sports application.

We will integrate the MNTG tokens with the OnField 11 fantasy sports application that our expert professionals developed. Integration of both of our unique solutions will assure an ease for the users to access them easily and in a better manner. The integration will ensure that the users must trade the MNTg tokens to access various in-game functionalities and enjoy the gameplay mechanic.

Launch of the MNTG wallet solution with which the users can buy, deposit, or withdraw MNTG.

With the launch of the MNTG wallet solution, we will ensure that a wider sector of users can buy or sell MNTG tokens and utilize the technology to a greater extent. Furthermore, it will also ensure that the users can easily buy the MNTG tokens to be used across multiple platforms.

Adding other networks, including TRC-20 and ERC-20.

Further, we will add other networks to our blockchain token solution. We will add the prominent blockchain networks, including ERC-20 and TRC-20 to our fantastic blockchain solutions.

Integrating various games with the wallet solution and MNTG token

Next, we will expand the usage of MNTG tokens across various gaming solutions. We will collaborate with the numerous gaming platforms and also launch our own gaming solutions to integrate MNTG token and wallet with. This will increase the usage of the MNTG token and provide it credibility globally, while raising its worth rapidly.

Adding multiple assets to the wallet

Moving ahead in our journey, we will add various assets to our exclusive MNTG wallet. This will ensure that the users have a wider range of options to serve their varying needs and purposes.

Integrating utility solutions with MNTG wallet and token.

Until now our MNTG wallet and token was only used for gaming solutions. However, next we will expand our aura and add other utility applications and solutions to our portfolio. We will integrate various types of apps and services with the MNTG token and wallet solutions, ensuring that our clients can utilize the technology to a greater extent.

Providing open API for the game developers to integrate MNTG wallet and token with their applications.

Finally, we will create an Open API, ensuring that multiple developers can integrate our blockchain solutions easily on their platform. This is to ensure that the MNTG tokens and wallets can reach more people and ensure better transaction experiences for them while utilizing various services.

Development of Monetas Blockchain
Burn Event
Migration of all the accounts to Monetas Blockchain
Monetas partner onboarding and blockchain API