Team Members

Monetas Team works for the production of decentralized cryptocurrency. They’re all used at a rate determined throughout the system’s creation, which is likewise very popular. The most potent and highly versatile back-end implementation of our Blockchain system allows Monetas’ worldwide community to enable gameplay creations effortlessly. We create cutting-edge blockchain games and decentralized applications that are both dynamic and open to all users.

The MONETAS team aspires to inspire a considerable number of young entrepreneurs who, due to a lack of time and resources, cannot bring their game ideas to market. Furthermore, MONETAS aims to democratize game production in a novel way, allowing all developers to use our supply dapps.

Sumit Sharma


Rohan Lamghare

Project Lead

Dinesh Salunke

Ubisoft - Senior Developer


Project Lead


Marketing Head


UI/UX Designer


Technical Support