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Tips to win Mega contests in Fantasy Sports App

With each passing day, the Fantasy Sports Industry is unquestionably expanding. It has already become a phenomenon in India, with over 20 million devoted users distributed across the country. If current trends continue, the US’s population might reach 150 million by 2022. This is a $15 billion industry that thrives because of the admiration it receives from young sports fans worldwide, not just in India.

If we look at the daily fantasy sports sector, it brought in over 330 million dollars last year. This is a significant increase from the $ 125 million earned in 2019. 

Many factors have contributed to DFSP’s steep rise, including the growing number of mobile users, the deployment of user-friendly gaming applications, and the availability of free-to-play services. However, a large part of its phenomenal success can be due to the enticing prizes that users may win by participating in various contests that such platforms provide.

Offering contests with cash prizes and other incentives has always been ingrained in the DNA of Fantasy Sports. However, as the business has expanded and matured, these platforms have been even more generous in providing interesting contests and appealing prizes to their consumers.

However, winning large on these sites is not easy. Only a handful of lucky users have ever had a winning streak while participating in such competitions. Although winning is difficult in this game, it is impossible to have the appropriate playing approach.

So we’d like to provide a couple of our tips that will ensure you make a killing the next time you enter a Fantasy Sports Contest.

In India, why do daily fantasy sports work?

When it comes to gaming, most Indians seek immediate satisfaction. As a result, they lack the patience required to commit to a long fantasy sports season. This is a key reasons why season-long Fantasy Sports Platforms failed in India at first.

Gamers become frustrated when they were unable to form teams in time for a particular round. This made their chances of victory much slimmer. As a result, the majority of gamers abandoned their quests in the middle.

Daily Fantasy Sports, on the other hand, offered a whole new concept. Users might now pay a nominal entry fee to play in a single round. Moreover, the best players may enjoy the fruits of their triumph at the end of each completed round in these competitions, which had a well-defined reward fund. The participants in this game take on the role of managers, selecting a virtual team based on a real-life sports league.

Daily fantasy sports scores are computed by taking into account a player’s real-life match stats. These statistics contain information on a batsman’s runs scored, a bowler’s wickets taken, and a fielder’s catches. The gamer eventually wins the contest with the most points. As a result, the most popular fantasy sports events in the country all revolve around cricket.

How to Win a big amount in Daily Fantasy Sports

  1. Begin small: As previously stated, Indian gamers demand immediate enjoyment from their gaming experiences. They aim to win a lot of money in a short amount of time. So, in their desperation, they begin to invest in the major leagues, which may prove to be a poor decision. In such competitions, a gamer can lose a lot of money. Investing in relatively lesser leagues with a small quantity of money is a safer idea. This dramatically raises your chances of receiving satisfying rewards.
  2. Keep an eye on the numbers and the latest news: Statistics include vital information. Look for websites that may supply you with accurate information on the performance of your chosen players. With the help of some detailed graphs, you can quickly determine a player’s present form and past trends and nuances related to your chosen players. You may also acquire extensive information about a player’s current rank. Such data can be used to compare players and devise game-changing methods that will put you miles ahead of the competition. Also, stay updated on the recent news and information. 
  3. Selecting the Right Squad: Using pertinent information, you may quickly put together a team of match-winners. When it is about the captain and vice-captain positions, make informed decisions, especially when selecting a captain who will lead your squad. Also, make a few unusual player selections as well. With any luck, these bizarre decisions will prove to be the deciding factor in your success. Furthermore, don’t rely on a single group. Even the most successful people have terrible days. Instead, get ahead of the game by entering many teams in a competition. Having more teams increases your chances of winning significantly.
  4. Know Your Rivals: A good player never underestimates his or her opponents. Keep a constant eye on the players with whom you compete. Learn as much as you can about their tactics. Such a desire to learn more about your opponents can uncover winning techniques and indicate a flaw in their armor. You can turn their strategies into a well-thought-out strategy to beat them at their own game.
  5. Choosing Your Strategy Based on the Toss: It’s a good idea to know which team is batting first. When a more potent team bats first, they have a better chance of putting up a big total. A lesser squad will struggle to achieve that goal. Select at least five batters from the stronger team and one bowler from the weaker team to bowl in the slog overs to pick wickets if this situation occurs. On the other hand, if the lesser team bats first, it’s safe to expect that the game will be low-scoring. As a result, choose batsmen from the weaker team and bowlers from the stronger.
  6. Understand the Pitch Condition: If you’ve ever suffered through the less exciting parts of a cricket match, where game experts give their two cents on the pitch’s condition, you’ll appreciate the usefulness of this knowledge. The state of the pitch has an impact on both the bowler and the batters. Researching the history of the ground where the match is intended to be played is one technique to estimate a pitch’s condition. Sites like PerfectLineup make venue statistics easy to find. Based on previous matches played on the same surface, you will have a fair notion of how the match will unfold.
  7. Submit Multiple Teams: Even the best players sometimes fall short on the field. This can lead to a humiliating defeat. You can, however, rescue the situation by entering many teams into the competition. The more teams you enter, the more likely you are to win. Builders for fantasy sports lineups can assist you in creating different lineups for any contest. These tools take raw projections and turn them into potent, customizable lineups for any game format with a single click of a button.
  8. Take Chances: Don’t be afraid to swim against the current. Take cautious risks only. Have one or two fringe players among a group of exceptional players. Attempt to keep up with the most recent news and information. This will assist you in developing a solid strategy and a formidable squad.

Contest types

Most Daily Fantasy Sports platforms offer a wide range of contests to their players, to the point where one could feel overwhelmed by the options available. However, in retrospect, there are only two sorts of contests in DFS. These are separated into two groups: cash games and tournaments.

  • Cash Games: A participant has a better chance of winning a small cash prize in these events. These are more straightforward and are incredibly popular among gamers because the possibilities of winning are high.
  • Tournaments: Tournaments are the polar opposite of Cash Games in terms of gameplay. They indicate competitions with a slighter possibility of winning a larger prize. They have a staggered payout structure and a more significant number of participants.

There is no accurate and common answer to the question of which contest type is best appropriate. Both have their individual set of benefits and losses. To win, both require distinct strategies. Trying out several contests is the best way to figure out which one is right for you.

The Bottom Line 

Daily Fantasy Sports Platforms can be a gold mine of opportunities. To devise match-winning strategies, all you need is access to the correct stats and player information. As a result, if you follow the suggestions mentioned above, you can win large and win consistently in any tournament you choose.