What Exactly is Monetas?

Monetas is the one-stop blockchain solution. Monetas Global offers top-notch blockchain services using the exclusively designed MNTG token and Indus 91 utility wallet application. Furthermore, these solutions are integrated into numerous platforms (such as games, utility applications that require wallet functionalities), to transform the entire scenario of virtual payments and make them better.

Furthermore, it also available in various crypto wallets for enhanced and easier access for global enthusiasts. Monetas also launched an exclusive Indus 91 Wallet, and you can access it from the official website of Monetas Global or google play store. Nonetheless, Monetas is also coming up with a World-class fantasy sports application, and around 15+ more games are in the lane to be launched soon.

Where is Monetas token being used?

Initially starting with the Indus 91 wallet app and then the Fantasy Sports Application of Monetas, the MNTG token and Indus 91 utility wallet solution will be integrated with various other gaming solutions. Not just this, but the Monetas token will also be combined with multiple utility solutions to help the users carry out their everyday payments. As a result, any user can use the blockchain wallet and MNTG token across different platforms simultaneously. What’s more, you can acquire and store MNTG crypto tokens in your Indus 91 wallet, as well as use the same tokens and wallet across numerous solutions.

Current holdings of Monetas:

Monetas currently has 40 million MNTG tokens in its possession and is working to extend its gaming portfolio. The tokens, which are now valued at 1 USD per token, are expected to increase in value as usage grows.

The benefit of Monetas token

As the MNTG tokens launch globally, they will initially be available at 1 MNTG for 1 USD. Furthermore, MNTG token is an exclusively developed, and a top-notch blockchain solution. The utility wallet can be widely accessed over any platform it is integrated with, and the users can use their MNTG tokens for various purposes related to those applications. Here is how it is beneficial:

  1. MNTG tokens can be accessed simultaneously over multiple platforms, i.e., the users can access the same wallet in various apps and use their MNTG tokens from that.
  2. MNTG tokens are updated in real-time in the users’ wallets, thus ensuring that as soon as they spend some in one application, the amount will instantly be altered and reflected in the wallet of every application.
  3. MNTG solutions are highly secure as they use the unique set of protection layers developed in-house by Monetas Global.

What is the future of Monetas Token ?

Moving ahead with the development and growth, Monetas Global will soon launch a global API for the Indus 91 utility wallet solution, and various developers can integrate it with their applications to ensure a perfect wallet for trading and exchanging MNTG tokens with the applications. 

Not just this, but with the enhanced usage of the solution, its value will rapidly rise, and the users can have a growing token with them. Moreover, the entire ecosystem will then be displayed on our blockchain as soon it is ready.

What makes Monetas the perfect solution?

Monetas aims to create a decentralized cryptocurrency by combining the resources of the entire global cryptocurrency system. Using our Blockchain system’s most potent and diverse back-end implementation, our worldwide community may also enable enhanced gaming creations. We create cutting-edge blockchain games and decentralized applications that are both dynamic and open to all users.

Monetas provides enhanced privacy and security while eliminating the risk of fraud. Monetasis also more effective, transparent, and honest for its worldwide community. Monetas is the one-stop-shop for setting yourself different in terms of gaming solutions, as we provide a variety of advantages, including the following:

  1. Absolute ownership: Players have complete control over their assets and can invest them as they see fit.
  2. Serverless solution: Monetas guarantees a continuous uptime of 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This assures that everyone in the world can play any game on the decentralized platform without connecting to any central servers.
  3. Password security: The ability to create secure passwords and provide highly secure encryption and decoding is hugely beneficial to password security. Tokens and payments provided by Monetas systems are specifically designed to strike a balance between enhanced password security and convenience of use. Monetas has secured a place among the top communities regarding liquidity and volume in the global industry. Our security system was built in-house by our qualified personnel and had many fail-safe levels that secure crypto-currencies and payments better than bank-grade protection.
  4. Scalable design: Monetas professionals provide scalable designs that are meticulously created and created utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure superior visual payments, immersive experiences, crypto-based awards and tokens for various gaming solutions.
  5. Large community: We provide an exchange service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a dedicated customer support team that can help our clients with various issues. We have a large group of qualified and experienced designers, developers, marketers, analysts, and other experts who help our clients with a wide range of demands. Stay tuned to receive world-class services and assistance.

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