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Whitepaper refers to an authoritative, persuasive, and in-depth report on any specified topic, representing an issue while offering the solution for the same. The main agenda behind creating a whitepaper is to educate the company’s target audience about any particular issue or to promote any specific methodology. In other words, Whitepapers are the advanced problem-solving guides.

MONETAS’s whitepaper offers an innovative and practical game vision based on Blockchain. The establishment of MONETAS (best cryptocurrency investment platform) is also based on the purpose of betterment of the future game environment, using better virtual tokens. With MONETAS gaming solutions, we aim to connect groups to witness game solutions while utilizing the top-notch, MNTG tokens (next big cryptocurrency). MONETAS, one of the best investments in cryptocurrency platform, finely integrates the utility solutions with the crypto market and assures highly secure usage of MNTG tokens for numerous platforms simultaneously. Furthermore, Monetas will also add ERC-20 and Polygon networks soon for the global clientelle.

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